Happy Friday! This week, we talked to Shelby Eastman, an account manager at RXM Creative with a killer sense of fashion, style, and design that she showcases on her instagram. Read on for her five things, with a decidedly fall theme.

1. Chasing Fall Foliage - Upstate New York (with my Sony NEX5tl Camera) Fall is without a doubt my happiest,giddiest, most exciting season of the year. The East Coast is such a special place to be during fall, as the crisp air, changing of the leaves, and fall festivals is something I did not get to experience while growing up in Texas. There are several great places to escape New York City during the Fall, and a few of my fav's include Cold Spring, Hudson, and Bear Mountain! It is highly likely that you will find me in 1 of these 3 destinations this month....eating apple cider donuts and chasing the leaves with my camera, of course:)

2. Baking with my Kitchen Aid Mixer I have always loved baking, and this time of year brings out the very best in my Kitchen Aid mixer :) I recently discovered one of my (now favorite) food blogs, http://rachlmansfield.com! Rachel has so many delicious + clean recipes for baking! I generally try to bake pretty clean by using almond flour and natural sweeteners, which is why this blog is my perfect go-to. I recently made grain-free almond butter chocolate chip donuts as well as Paleo peanut butter banana bread! (Images attached)

3. Vintage Finds I have never really been one to obsess over vintage shipping...that is, until recently. I moved to Williamsburg from Manhattan in July, and as you can imagine, I am newly surrounded by them! My favorite go-to in my hood is 10 ft Single, by Stella and Dallas. I have scored so many great pieces for Fall here, including several vintage neck scarves (my fav) and a vintage denim Levi's jacket!

4. Butler Bakeshop Butler Bakeshop is new to Williamsburg, and just like every other cute, delicious, aesthetically-perfect spots in the city, it has blown up over night (thanks, Instagram). To be honest I first went to Butler because I saw how amazingly gorgeous their coffee cups are (yes, I go to places for the color of their coffee cups). Butler has the best color palette of 2016, and it is also run by a bunch of hot Australian guys....winning.

5. Nickel and Diner And here we are again, with yet another new food spot in the city that I am in love with. Nickel and Diner is located right next to my office, and when they opened a few days ago I had to warn them that they would be seeing a whollleeee lotta me. The modern take on a 50's diner decor is everything, and they have disguised their comfort food menu as high-class, so that you don't feel as bad when eating that delicious burger and fries. Sidebar: they have a separate section just for coffee and it is everything your Instagram feed needs. Mint green, gold accents, and white marble tables is all you need to know.