If you haven't heard of Singles Day, you've been missing out—and you're sure to become very familiar with this special day in upcoming years, as it spreads like wildfire across the globe. Started in China by a group of single students in the '90's to celebrate fun, freedom, and independence, the holiday has been revamped into a global self-gifting celebration. Symbolized by the four "singles" in the date 11/11, it is the biggest and most successful sales holiday globally, towering over combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last year. The now-global holiday connects Chinese consumers with overseas brands and retailers, while introducing the concept to an international audience; over 200 merchants from 20 countries, including OTTE, will participate in the festivities.

This year, OTTE is bringing Singles Day to NYC and the global market with a 25% off sitewide event. Use code LOVEYOURSELF at checkout starting today, because let's face it, who doesn't love an excuse to shop for themselves? Happy Singles Day, and happy shopping!