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Orion Smooth labradorite & White Australian Opal
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Labradorite was first located in Labrador, Canada, in the late 1700s. It  is a translucent gray feldspar mineral loved for its characteristic iridescent flash of color called labradorescence. This flash only occurs in two directions.  Thus, it takes a skilled gemstone cutter to assess the rough stone and determine how to retain maximum beauty.

Opals have historically been associated with luck and divination. The ancient Greeks believed the stone would give them the gift of prophecy. Bursting with a spectrum of brilliant hues, opals are cherished for their fire–the ability to take on different colors with changing light. Like a fingerprint, the pattern of color in each opal is unique. 

This necklace is hand-strung and finished with a 14k yellow gold and diamond clasp featuring the Stranded monogram.

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